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About Dragon City

Dragon City was originally a social network game created by the American developer known as Social Point. Upon its launch in May 2013, which was strictly for online play on Facebook, it was rated as one the most successful social games with an average of one million users a day. As the game grew in popularity, it was eventually made available for download on Apple iOS in 2013. In August 2014, Social Point then decided that it wish to expand its platforms of availability and further made the game downloadable for the ever popular Intel Atom tablets for Android and other mobile devices that fully support Android OS.

The game was originally created for casual players, which allowed them breed and train their own dragons and create a city upon various floating islands and you become a Master of Dragons. Dragon City is free to play on Facebook and is governed by a simple game mechanic which sees the player completing objectives such as breeding you dragons so that they can be raised for particular strengths and then trained to battle opponents. You are also able to sell especially exotic Dragons to other players and gain gold. If you have never played or even seen Dragon City, the gameplay is very similar Niantic’s most globally successful game, Pokémon GO. It’s really simple, as the object of the game is to catch them all. There are MANY kinds of dragons as they can range from elementals to hybrids which gives players a feeling of accomplishment when finding and catching them. Like most games, Dragon City has a currency which is gems. Players are able to purchase them with real money as you would in most games that are available, or you could spend hours playing and earn them through specific methods, such as pitting your dragons against other player and winning or completing objectives.

Since Dragon City was been launched it has received numerous awards! In December 2012, users were asked to vote for their current favourite game and results were posted. The Next Web wrote up and article which announced Dragon City as being ranked second in the 25 top rated games that year! So download the game and create your very own Dragon City! Discover hundreds of new dragons to add to your collection to become a Dragon Master!


* More than 300 dragons available!

* New dragons and challenges are available daily!

* Create your own magical city and battle your friends online as well as other players and show off your powerful dragons!

* 10 Dragon types including Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Terra, Metal, Dark, Legend

* Breed new dragon types to create powerful hybrids!

* Send your friends gifts and even visit their islands!

Dragon City Hack

The game has also been updated with new features as well:

• Added a “Dragon Market” in Dragon City

• Helping friends in Dragon Market will gives you resources

• More dragons added

• Added feature to filter Breeding Mountain like you would in the Breeding Sanctuary.

• Buy Islands

• New island added - World Cup Island


Now that you know all about Dragon City and what it is about, you’re more than likely aware of the amount of time games such as these require before you can begin to enjoy most of the games advanced features and earn more dragons. This is where this hack tool comes in use. Instead of starting from scratch and building your way up again from lvl.1, why not use a tool that can save you MANY hours of tedious and repetitive gaming. this dragon city online generator tool is for any player at any skills level who either wishes to fast forward to the point they would like to begin or simply improve their current standings. You will be happy to know that this tool does not damage your actual game files and does NOT require a ROOTed phone in order to be enjoyed.

The Dragon City Cheats offers a few things that may interest you. If the words unlimited gems, gold and unlimited Food appeal to you then this hack tool dragon city is just what you need.



When installing an application from a source other than Google Play, it is important to note that you MUST enable “Unknown Sources” installation in your settings.

Simply do the following:

1. From your “Home” screen select the “Apps” menu

2. This will display all your installed Apps

3. Navigate until you find your “Settings” app

4. Scroll down to “Security” and select it.

5. Scroll until you see the “Unknown Sources” selection and check if it is enabled

6. If it is not, simply click on it and you’re ready to go!

7. You are able to download the App from this website by clicking the download link. Once the file is downloaded, you should navigate to the files download location which is usually “Device Storage -> Download” but if you have changed it, you will then know where to find it.

8. After you have downloaded the APK file from this website and found the file in its downloaded location, click it and it will bring up and installation menu

9. Click on the option that reads “Install” at the bottom of the screen. It will now begin the short process of installing the app to your mobile device.

10. Once the installation has been completed, it will display the message “App installed”

11. You may choose to open the App from here by selecting “Open” or select “Done” to close the window and look for the App icon in your main App menu

12. If you selected “Open”, you will be moved to the Dragon City Hack APK

13. If you have a newer device, it may have come with Android Marshmallow pre-installed on it, this may trigger a pop-up that displays the message : “Allow Hack Dragon City APK to access photos, media and files on your device?”

14. Please select “Allow” as this will enable Root Explorer to perform correctly

15. This marks the end of the installation procedure for Dragon City Cheats APK onto your device